Why Buy Old Websites?

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Back links are an important source of high quality traffic. Why? Because people who read about your website or blog on another website have a higher degree of trust than first time visitors from the search engines.

Back links also make it easier for the search engines to find your site. That gives your site a higher rank for popularity. (More on this in a future post.)

Old websites often have a higher page rank.

Which means Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., will rank the site closer to the front page of search result listings. In some cases, you might even be on page 1 for a niche “long tail” term,

All this makes the site more valuable when it comes time to sell it.

Of course, the obvious question is…

If the site already has a good page rank, is listed in the search results, and has a lot of back links from other websites … why would the owner sell it?

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Great question!

Here’s the answer: The truth is, it really doesn’t matter WHY the owner wants to sell it. It’s just nice to know that they ARE selling it and you can buy it and profit from it. Chances are they don’t even know what I just told you and don’t have Google Analytics installed.

However, (since your curiosity has got the better of you) here are…

The 4 most common reasons why someone would sell an old website…

  1. They’ve moved on to other interests and no longer want to maintain the site…
  1. They built the website with a goal of selling in 6 months to the highest bidder and their 6 months are up…
  1. They aren’t making the money they expected (because they don’t know how to maximise the website’s profit opportunities)…
  1. They are tight for cash to pay the mortgage, meet car repayments or hospital expenses (or any other need for quick cash)…

Again, there are many reasons WHY someone want to sell their old websites. But the main point to take from this is that they do sell them, and you can buy them.

Just this blog post alone can add 20 to 50% to an old website – Knowledge is power.

In our Flip Websites Now Video Program we teach you how and where to find the sites that are undervalued so that once you’ve made the renovations, you get maximum benefit (revenue and traffic) or profit if you decide to sell it.

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2 Responses to “Why Buy Old Websites?”

  • Thanks Marc,

    I bought the flip websites now product mentioned in this post and am now working my way through the video tutorials. They are clear and concise. It seems really easy to do. I’m sure I’ll have a few questions along the way but, for the moment at least, it’s all smooth sailing. I’m looking forward to flipping my first site.

    I’m going to try building one from scratch so I get a good feel for the whole process.

    Thanks again.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous comment: I love the fact that your program shows me how to find a niche. This is something I always found hard. In fact, it’s the main reason I never got started. But your flipping websites now product gives me niches to build sites for. This takes all the pain out of the process. All I have to do is pick one that’s already selected and start building. Wish me luck and thanks a million!

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