What’s bigger than Facebook, YouTube and Twitter COMBINED…

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Today I thought I’d share a few interesting stats about the Internet.

First up, let’s talk about Facebook.

We know it’s all the rage. With millions of people every day wasting their time equally with real and fake friends.

If you believe the media hype you’d think it’s the fastest growing segment on the Internet. But it’s not.

Sure it’s bigger than Twitter. After all, Twitter only added 100 million users last year for a total of 175 million by September 2010.

Facebook added 250 million users, more than twice the number of new Twitter followers, taking Facebook to 600 million users worldwide.

But there’s something bigger. And it’s not YouTube even with an estimated 2 billion videos watched per day on YouTube, which is big news. If you’re not sure if video is a great advertising medium think again.

35 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute with the average Internet user watching 186 videos per month – approximately 6 per day in the USA.

But this other social networking medium is bigger. It sends out 294 billion messages PER DAY.

Again, Twitter only sent out 25 billion ‘tweets’ for the whole of 2010. This other medium sends 25 billion messages every single day, and that’s even before you finish eating your breakfast.

And get this: The number of people using this medium grew last year from 480 million to 1.88 BILLION.

Facebook only grew by 250 million to 600 million.

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So what is this medium?

I’m talking about email.

It’s bigger than Facebook, Twitter and YouTube COMBINED.

It’s estimated that 107 trillion emails were sent in 2010. That’s an average of 294 billion email messages per day.

Email is growing faster than Facebook.

And how about this:

21.4 million NEW websites went online last year taking the total to 255 million websites as of December 2010

How many blogs? 152 million according to BlogPulse, the trend discovery company.

5% of those blogs (about 7.5 million) were buzzing with talk of Valentine’s day on Feburary 14th. That’s how diversified they are and far from the personal logs of yesteryear.

It’s estimated that over $25.2 BILLION will get spent on Internet advertising this year alone.

Bigger than Facebook, twitter and YouTube combined.


Who woudda thunk it?

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