Wealth Without Worries: Investor Briefings Coming Up Soon

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Within the next few weeks, we’ll be staging our next series of Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries that explain our brand new Flipping Websites For Profit Program. As you may know, it completely SOLD OUT last year and that was when the stock and property markets were in turmoil. This wealth creation opportunity is hotter than ever!

Why you need to ATTEND this Investor Briefing and why it’s the hottest wealth creation strategy right now

  1. This is a restricted Wealth Creation Opportunity. We cannot and will not offer this to more than 25 people. We’ll explain at the Investor Briefing that we want our clients to get in on the ground floor and AVOID creating a fictitious pricing ‘bubble’ with too many other participants when they get started.
  2. The information we will be sharing at the Investor Briefing and then subsequently WITHIN the Flipping Websites For Profit Program will be exclusive and closely guarded – much like we do within our $49,995/year Platinum Program. Unless you are a Flipping Websites For Profit Program Member – you can’t access the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks we teach that make ALL the difference to giving you ECONOMIES OF SCALE that produce faster returns with a lot less up-front effort. Producing results that baffle ‘outsiders’ who have no clue how you did it.
  3. We already have a handful of people who have put up their hands to participate in the program. With limited ‘inventory’ once it’s gone, it’s gone. Last year we completely sold out. This year’s going to be even more rewarding BECAUSE the stock and property markets are in turmoil.
  4. There are a LOT of questions you must have. The ONLY way to get them answered is to attend this one-time-only Investor Briefing. I am going to spend 3 full hours detailed every single component of the Flipping Websites For Profit Program so you are in a position to decide this is for you. A website page or PDF won’t allow you to hear other people’s questions you would not have thought to ask and the answers to those questions which will show you exactly WHY this is a great investment opportunity.
  5. One of the key aspects of the presentation will focus on the fact that there are ONLY TWO WAYS TO CREATE WEALTH: Create Income (Cash) or Capital Gains (Value that someone wants to buy and pay for). The Flipping Websites For Profit Program caters for BOTH. Cash-oriented people are called Virtual Real Estate Agents and Passive Income and Capital Gains oriented people are called Virtual Real Estate Investors. I will explain that BOTH Wealth Creation Models are catered for and in fact work in harmony to CREATE net Wealth.
  6. The Cash Model means you are a Virtual Real Estate Agent and you apply yourself and get paid as much as $100/hour, $200/hour and $300/hour to Flip Websites OR you decide to BUY a PASSIVE INCOME STREAM and do very little as a Virtual Real Estate Investor– letting your INVESTMENT do all the work. Of course you always remain in FULL CONTROL, but the workload is substantially reduced as I will explain with real-life Australian examples at the Investor Briefing.
  7. There is no hype involved in this Wealth Creation Model. There is NO SELLING involved and as you know from the event description page it’s a lot easier than stock market or property investing. But it’s not for everyone because nothing ever is. This Wealth Creation Opportunity is for a select few who want to regain control of the SuperAnnuation Savings and recover as much of their recent losses as fast as possible.
  8. This is NOT a pyramid scheme or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) people buy and sell websites just like they do houses, apartments and commercial buildings. There are auctions and sales that go on every single day. There is a PROCESS or SYSTEM to do this profitably with minimal risk. That is what we teach in our Flipping Websites For Profit Program and what I will summarise and highlight at th Investor Briefing.

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Investor Briefing: Wealth Without Worries

Attend the Investor Briefing to get all your questions answered in detail:

Questions like:

  • Is this an investment eligible for my Self Managed Super Fund? Yes it is. Click here to download a Flipping Websites For Profit Tax Tip Guide prepared by Anita Cheung, CPA.
  • How much do I need to start to invest?
  • How quickly will I start to see income and/or capital gains?
  • How are websites priced and who ‘determines’ the price?
  • Why are websites available and being sold if they have value?
  • Who is selling these websites?
  • Why is your Flipping Websites For Profit Program special?
  • What results have been produced so far?
  • How much time will it take me to get started and then keep going?
  • How much technical skill do I need to do this?
  • Can I get my son/daughter or wife/husband to help me?

Click here to register for the

Investor Briefing: Wealth Without Worries

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  • A restricted well creating opportunity. Sounds like my kind of event. Are you always at these events? I would love to meet you in person. Your work here is so motivating and inspiring. I would like the chance to meet the man behind the. . . html?

  • The title of this post makes me think about that rap song called “More Money, More Problems” or something along those lines. I like the idea of building wealth without building things to worry about as well. I look forward to getting to know more about this program.

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