Unique Content is KEY to Flipping Websites For Profit

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When you flip websites for profit, you’re renovating what we call a Krappy site and transforming it into what we call a Kool site. For that to happen, several things must be done. The MOST IMPORTANT being creating new, original and unique content. This is imperative because the search engines SEARCH for unique, original content.

When they come across DUPLICATE content (don’t ask me how they know, just trust me THEY KNOW), they skip it altogether. That means your site will not come up in the search listings. Your organic traffic that comes from people typing in the keywords that will get them to your site will not happen. NO ONE WILL COME TO YOUR SITE.

Trying to cheat creating unique content

The one thing that has come to light is that we have noticed that there are a few members who are using the same article from an article directory, changing the article by a mere few words.

To do this on your articles is a huge waste of YOUR time, YOUR effort, and YOUR money, so we strictly tell you NOT to do this.

We are telling you this because we truly want this strategy to be effective.  This is not the place to cut corners, because what you do today can have an large effect on traffic and revenues in the future.

Remember that your articles will be out there on the internet for months and years to come, so
it is worth getting it right.

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WARNING #1: We put all articles through a system to check for duplicate content. Should we catch you cheating, you may no longer be permitted to flip sites withing the Flipping Websites For Profit Program.

WARNING #2: We will track each site for traffic improvements – if your flipped sites UNDER perform we will investigate further and if that is based on duplication of content, we may then remove you from the Flipping Websites For Profit Program.

Please remember that you are not in the Flipping Websites For Profit Program just to make $100/hour. You are in this program to learn how to do this properly so that you KNOW how to do this for your own sites so that YOU, on your own can build and create your very own Virtual Real Estate Empire.

Cutting corners won’t work – we have sophisticated systems to make sure this doesn’t happen. Plus, once caught, we’ll know. That embarrassment alone will be devastating to you and us.

If you get other people to help you create unique, original articles – please use the FREE systems we provide in the program to VERIFY and CONFIRM they are unique.

Such TIPS and TOOLS are not shared on this blog – those are too valuable – watch for it in your program curriculum or on the member site.

4 Responses to “Unique Content is KEY to Flipping Websites For Profit”

  • Hi,

    Duplicate content checker filters are used not only to determine the original content but also to filter information so that it will be relevant for the users. So, what are duplicate content filters and how does it work to eliminate duplicate contents? The Search Engine has a particular tool known as crawler. This tool crawls into a particular content which is suspected as copied content.

  • Unique Content punishment is a myth. There is more than enough evidence out there that proves this.

  • I know there are copy cats out there, but they are usually easy to spot and they don’t last long when the creators of the original content find them out. I think that is the risk of placing virtual real estate on the web. It has so many benefits in the end, however, that a little bit of idea theft is well worth the risks. Here’s to many blogs full of useful and original content!

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