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Everyday people from all walks of life are flipping websites for profit. Have a quick look at what they’ve been able to accomplish using the Virtual Real Estate principles and strategies we teach.

“I am doing website flipping since my early twenties and up to now, I have developed several website businesses out of scratch and later on sold them for huge profits. In Jan 2010, I sold my 100 profitable websites and blogs portfolio for whooping US$ 3.5 million to a multi-million dollar dot com company and taken the retirement at the age of 28 years only.”

Frank J. – England



“When it comes to making money online, buying and selling websites, and driving traffic to a site to increase its popularity is the way to go. I’ve been able to get into the business of buying and selling websites myself. In fact, with no money up front I was able to create a blog website and flip it for $129 in under 7 days with little more than an hour of work on my part.

I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending anyone to get started in the business of buying and selling websites.”

- Ben C. – United States


“There is no magic or secret sauce to site flipping – it’s just a case of doing what’s proven to work, for anyone to make at least a few hundred bucks in their first few weeks.”

Justin K. – Australia


“Despite the impression that so many people have, college is not all about parties, sports, girls and having a good time. For a lot of us college students, it’s a tough grind, studying to get the kind of grades that will get us a job (hopefully!) after we graduate. And working part time to help pay our tuition. It was tough but manageable. That is, it was until 6 months ago when even the part time jobs dried up. I was desperate for some sources of income and while looking of money making options, I came across Website Flipping. To cut to the chase, it’s the best investment I ever made. I can spend a few hours a day in my dorm room flipping websites and making far more money than I ever did working part time.”

- Bryan D. – Ohio, USA


“I’ve been in the property business all my life and enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve done it all in my time, but my specialty, and the thing that made me the most money was flipping houses. But for the last year or so the property business has collapsed – you know all about it.  I know nothing about the internet or how websites are made and work. But the idea of being able to flip websites the way I used to flip houses intrigued me.  This is one of the most innovative and creative business ideas I have ever come across. And I really didn’t have to learn all about the internet and websites. All I needed was some common sense, a very small amount of money to get me started and a desire to make money. Even when the real estate market picks up, I’m not going back to it. I make all the money I need flipping websites. And I work from home, keep my own timings and get to spend time with my family. ” – Glenda M.


“As a stay at home mom who has been looking for a way to supplement the family income without leaving the house, I was having a tough time finding anything – especially in these recessionary times. Then I came across Website Flipping. I have not worked for a salary for nearly 5 years and my mind was fixed on looking for something nice and safe like data entry. Flipping websites the way people flip houses… my immediate reaction was that it wasn’t for me. But, my husband persuaded me to re-assess it and what I saw looked very interesting. Flipping Websites doesn’t require knowledge of the Internet and computers or any large investment of money. I was sold! I have been flipping websites for a little over a month and I feel like an expert. I have a business of my own and I can fit the work I need to do around my household chores and looking after the family. Not only am I making good money and contributing to the house, I feel really empowered in my new dual role as stay at home mom and businesswoman.” – Jennifer C.


“When I retired I thought it would be great to relax and do nothing all day except read, watch TV and spend time in my garden. In a few weeks I found I was more bored than I had ever been in my life – after 40 years of working I couldn’t stop cold turkey. My health hasn’t been all that great and I’m not up to working full time any more. I looked around for part time work I could do from my home, but I was either too old or didn’t have the skills for the few jobs going. Let me say up front that at the age of sixty plus I can use a computer but I know nothing of how it works or about what software is. And I have no intension of learning about it. One day my son told me about flipping website. Now I know what flipping property is – I’ve seen others do it. It takes knowledge of construction, time, capital and hands on commitment to be able to make a profit out of buying up dilapidated houses, renovating them and selling them. I told my son that this wasn’t for me. Not only did I not want to get involved full time, I have no capital to invest, and have no knowledge of websites and the Internet beyond using Google and Email. It is not a get rich quick scheme or an offer of a free lunch. Flipping website is about common sense and focus. Now I spend a few enjoyable (and challenging) hours in front of the computer everyday running my own business of flipping websites.  I’m occupied, tension free and making good money – more than I ever expected to. And yes, I still have all the time I want to read, sit in the garden and watch TV.” – Walter S.


“Just to let you know that I’ve made my first Clickbank sale and I’ve earned a few dollars from both eBay and Adsense. It seems to be working. I have now moved on to WordPress (I should have done it initially but I wanted to make sure that the system worked I suppose) . I have already set up a opt-in subscribers list with Aweber and the list has grown to over 200 mainly through my existing website.

Thanks once again.”

Gordon B. – U.K.


“I think this has to be the easiest methods to make easy money, even a newbie without any experience can do this.


Harry – Jamaica


“Ok, I’m officially happy now since that auction went so well. Although I’ve had a couple of people PM me and tell me I sold it too low.

One of the guys that got outbid sent me a PM and asked me to please let him know when I had another content site ready to sell because he might want to buy it for BIN before I even listed it, so that is cool.

I would have never thought of creating content sites and selling them. This was the best decision I’ve made since getting into internet marketing.

Thanks again,”

Beth,  – USA


“I just want to say that I’ve already sold my first 5 sites for over $1,400 in just two weeks. And I have 4 other sites currently for sale and with one of them I’m negotiating to sell it for $1,800! And I have 3 other sites in the pipeline I’m creating and promoting on my own.”

– Rich B.  – Canada


“I sold my first site in my life for $125. That’s so awesome for an average guy who is technically challenged like myself.

When I tell my friends that I flip sites for a living. They can’t believe it! I never imagined that I can be a professional site flipper right now.

God bless you.”

Joe M. – British Columbia, Canada

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Flipping websites is about building a viable, long-term business around making money from each and every site you put up, no matter how it performs. One of the things I hear a lot is that everybody’s talking about how to make money, but nobody’s talking about how to build a business. That’s been changing recently, it’s time to strike when the iron’s hot and leverage flipping websites into a solid income stream.

Carlie W. – Australia


Before I found out about website flipping, I was literally FLOPPING from one business idea to the next, never really seeing any success at all. Now that I know what to do and to do it, I plan to quit my full time job in around 2 months time from now (as I’m doing this part, part time). This truly is one of the easiest ways to earn your money online and build a consistent income.

Mark R. – California


“Just in the last month, I have sold 3 sites for a total of $8,397 and I currently have deals on the table for a further $31,687! When I started, I was struggling to survive. However, now I have just managed to buy a new car!

I know that it may sound remarkable, but flipping websites has literally turned my life around something I thought impossible especially through today’s tough economic times.

Looking back, I now realize that it was just a few twists that turned my online efforts from negative to positive. It looks like it’s going to be a very happy new year for me!

Thanks once again,”
Vlad V.  – Russia


“This is one of those investments that after you actually look behind the curtain to see what you really purchased, you say, Awesome!

If you want a solid, proven system that is laid out step-by-step by someone who is actually doing what he teaches, with real brick and mortar businesses, then this is for you.

Thanks for not holding back – especially with those BONUSES – WOW!

Ron P – USA


“This course is really worth hundreds of dollars, especially for a newbie like me who isn’t into techy stuff at all.

I bet you’ll never want to sell your site on eBay or other common places that have been taught by so called “site flipping gurus.” You’re really leaving money on the table.”

Naveen P – India


“I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this course, ideal if you’re home with the kids. It’s great when they take a nap, I can get a few things done and flip a site in about a week.

It has opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities I hadn’t dreamed of before.”

Angela A – Australia


“If you are seriously interested in making money from a business model that is based on flipping websites then grab this offer. If you want a business that is going to give you money tomorrow, then you just don’t get the REAL potential of this approach.

This is not a “get rich quick” course even though you can start making money within your first week.

This course is not a make quick money scheme, nor is it anything to do with Squidoo or any of the Web 2.0 stuff. The REAL MONEY is in the long term project (think at least 6 months preferably 12). Instead of building small, crappy sites and flipping them, you learn how to buy and renovate sites that can generate on-going income and keep them for the passive income OR sell them for huge profits.

If I were to rate this course, it would easily achieve 9.5 out of 10. Because all the basics are covered and the BONUSES are incredible.”

Rachel – United Kingdom


“I have bought a lot of crap on the net. So called training videos and programs that were not worth the bandwidth they used up. But this was truly the most comprehensive course I have ever purchased.

Every step detailed, every action described. I am excited to see there is an affiliate program because it is rare when you can promote a product that has such high value.”

Barry – USA


“I’m certainly thinking on a different scale as a result of taking this class.”

Scott N – Idaho, United States


“This is really exciting. I can’t tell you how much joy this process has brought me. There’s a few days each year where I get some exciting news; one of my sites is the Google #1 ranked page, I sell my first digital book, or make my first $100 in a single day online.

Getting those words “Sure, buying your site for that price sounds reasonable to me” delivered in my inbox yesterday was another one of those moments that had me grinning like a 5 year old!

Thanks again for your support and great course.”

Mitch B – Burnaby, Canada


“I was fortunate enough to be part of the first course, the pilot course you might say. I assure you it was well worth the investment. I was very experienced in Internet Marketing and retired in 1999.

In early 2008, I decided I would play around again (on a part-time basis as I am retired). My primary reason for joining the course was I figured it would fast track me in regards to getting up to speed.

Needless to say I was extremely impressed with the value of this professionally developed course on buying and selling websites. I’m now on my way to doing something fun with flexible hours so I can still get on the golf course when the sun’s out!”

David H – Arizona, US


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