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I Just Bought Another Website This Weekend!

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As you know from my previous post, I am staging the first of two Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries in Melbourne next week and then Sydney the week after. The concept is called Flipping Websites For Profit which you can read about on this website.

Sam Kritsotakis of Eskae Jewelers sent me a posting of a site that was being sold on one of the marketplaces we monitor to find sites to flip… I did the necessary due diligence, paid the BIN Price and will have the website up within the next week.

At the Investor Briefing, I will explain EXACTLY how this creates wealth since there are only 2 ways to create wealth.

Two Ways To Create Wealth

  1. Create Cash (Income)
  2. Create Capital Gains (Value that someone wants to pay for/buy)

This new site I just bought for $600 will provide BOTH, but with a twist I will share with Investor Briefing attendees that will have their profit glands salivating!

Don’t worry, I’ll spill the beans in a few weeks on this blog- but I need to give our new Virtual Real Estate Agents and Investors a head start… Membership in the Flipping Websites For Profit System has its privileges.

Today’s blog post has two purposes:

  1. To remind you that the Investor Briefing is taking place in Melbourne and Sydney. If you are located elsewhere – you should consider flying in and combining it with other business, shopping or sightseeing… The Investor Briefing could end up paying for your whole trip. I am going to reveal how we are going to pay people $100/hour Flipping Websites For Profit. YES… $100 CASH PER HOUR.
  2. To let you know this is a REAL Wealth Creation Opportunity that I am using myself as I lead a select group of clients who are doing the same, on an on-going basis. Creating a portfolio of sites that produce a Passive Income stream that requires little or no effort.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on Flipping Websites For Profit – we will be mentioning sites that we are buying and selling as well as revealing SOME of the strategies we use to create FREE traffic to our sites.