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2 Ways to build wealth on the Internet

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There are only two ways to create wealth – it’s no different on the Internet.

Wealth Creation Strategy #1: Buy and sell something to make CAPITAL GAINS.

Wealth Creation Strategy #2: Generate PASSIVE INCOME.

Flipping Websites allows you to do both, let me explain.

In strategy 1 you search for undervalued websites. Buy them. Make a few simple cosmetic and search engine related changes. Then sell them for a profit, often about double your original investment. The gains are treated as Capital Gains.

This strategy is perfect if you need quick cash or if you’re just getting started and want to get your feet wet.

You can start small. Then when you’re ready, you can invest in more expensive websites to get access to higher traffic voluments and/or higher paying niche markets.

In strategy 2, you buy established websites (ideally websites that are undervalued). Increase their value with the same simple and easy cosmetic and search engine related changes. But in this case, you hold them to generate passive income. This is treated as income for tax purposes.

The goal of strategy 2 is not to buy just one or two websites, the ultimate goal is to own 50 -100 or more.

To learn more about the buy and hold approach to flipping websites, check out this short YouTube video.

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Buying and holding websites involves the same amount of effort as the quick cash option. The only difference is, you hold on to the site longer and leverage it to create passive income while you are holding it, increasing the revenue so that it becomes more valuable.

It’s also more exponential because, as the buy and hold video explains; you can link the sites together to increase your traffic.

That’s not the whole story, of course. There’s much more to learn and discover.

There’s no limit to the capital gain and passive income potential you can create. It’s all up to you to determine how much you want to make.

It’s exciting isn’t it?

The learn the basics of how to flip websites from the comfort of your own home (or now laptop), click on the hyperlink to register for the Home Study Video Program.