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Flip Websites buy and hold model explained

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Should you flip websites for a quick profit or buy and hold for long-term wealth?

This is the question you need to ask as your portfolio grows.

The video below shows you how to create wealth with a portfolio of websites that go from making $1 a day to $36,000 a year and beyond.

If you’re flipping websites for profit you need to watch this video to see what’s really possible.

Leave your comments, reactions, thoughts in the comment section below the video.

Flipping Websites Explained

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A buddy of mine asked me recently why I’m so excited about flipping websites?

Here’s what I told him:

“I’m sure it comes as no shock to you that the Internet is still relativity new. When you compare it to every other advertising and entertainment medium the Internet is still in its infancy. Which explains why most people don’t have a clue how to get the most out of the Internet as a business building, marketing tool. Even the ‘experts’ are still learning. And almost every website you look at is missing opportunities to make money.”

“That’s where flipping websites for profit comes in. It’s like looking at a house with poorly landscaped gardens, a worn out kitchen and shabby walls with peeling paint — these websites and blogs can be improved, renovated and made ‘better’. The ‘renovation’ doesn’t have to be hard. It might be as simple as …”

  • adding a banner with a link to an affiliate product…
  • or offering advertising space to people who want to leverage the site’s traffic…
  • or adding Google Adsense…
  • or integrating an opt-in strategy to build a mailing list…

… the list goes on.

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“Any one of these ‘renovations’ can add substantial value to the website. People are willing to pay good money for websites with these small improvements. Combining these elements can add substantial profit and cash flow for you if you do it right. As a web renovator flipping websites for profit, you don’t have to use all the marketing tricks. Just use enough to increase the website value then sell it to the highest bidder.”

“Of course, you can always keep the website if you want to. I mean, why sell it if it requires little ongoing maintenance and you can add it to your growing portfolio of income generating websites?

“Is it easy? It can be. Just like any serious home renovator will tell you, the more websites you flip, the easier it gets. After your first 3 or 4 it’s simply a matter of following a paint-by-numbers system.”

So anyway, that’s roughly what I told the buddy of mine. And it’s the same advice I’m giving you.

If you’re serious about making money on the Internet, then you need to seriously look at the HUGE opportunity in flipping websites.

That’s all for now.

Virtual Real Estate Model – A Simple Example

At my Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries, I explain in detail how the concept of Virtual Real Estate makes Flipping Websites For Profit a no-brainer strategy for anyone looking to create ‘set and forget’ passive income streams. That being said, there is nothing better than a simple example to illustrate the strategy in action.

Step #1: Find a site that can sell product

I have a site that sells a student study system called “Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort“. It is the #1 Study Book on ClickBank which proves its value AND that it can sell product!

Step #2: Create a site that can refer sales to the site that can sell product

Here is a site dedicated to Speed Learning Tips. Its sole purpose is to create hard links to the study system site and refer clients with click-throughs from the banner ads.

Step #3: Get Your Affiliate Commission Cheque From ClickBank

Within the first month, 15 click throughs created one sale – that’s the first step in creating an online Virtual Real Estate Empire…

Confused about how this is a no-brainer strategy?

You need to attend one of my Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries. It takes me 3 hours to explain in detail how the concept of Virtual Real Estate makes Flipping Websites For Profit a no-brainer strategy for anyone looking to create ‘set and forget’ passive income streams.Especially the part where we all get excited about making $1/day from our websites…

$1/day means $30/month = $365/year with 40 sites, that’s just over $10,000/year. Add to that ONE or two ebooks/month/site and what do you get?

$20,000 to $30,000/year of “SET AND FORGET” PASSIVE INCOME.

But there’s a catch – you need to do it systematically and properly, which is what we teach in our Flipping Websites For Profit Program.

We don’t approach Virtual Real Estate like everyone else – in fact we’re the ONLY ones to do it this way, which is why our results are well… EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Come to one of my Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries and I will reveal how you can leverage this model to create on-going passive income and become the next Virtual Real Estate Mogul!

Melbourne Wealth Without Worries A SMASHING SUCCESS

The Melbourne edition of the Wealth Without Worries Investor Briefing that explained all the ins and out of Flipping Websites For Profit was a smashing success. The next and LAST CHANCE to participate in this program will be a the Sydney event next Tuesday night. If you haven’t reserved your seat – do it now!

Click here to get -> Wealth Without Worries

I am not at liberty to reveal the final results, but I can confirm that the positions will be completely sold out in Sydney based on what’s left after the Melbourne event.

This is a LIMITED program for reasons I will explain at the Investor Briefing… If you are in any way interested to make $100/hour cash learning to create a passive income of $1,000/month on your way to $100,000 as a Virtual Real Estate Mogul, come to Sydney.

We’re expecting people who MISSED the Melbourne event to fly to Sydney!

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates… ESPECIALLY AFTER the event – Virtual Real Estate Agents are going to start flipping websites making $100/hour so you can EXPECT a LOT of EXCITEMENT and ENERGY!!!

This Blog Is All About Making Money Flipping Websites For Profit

Just in case you are a subscriber to my other blogs which are content/value oriented – this one’s DIFFERENT. This one’s all about making money Flipping Websites For Profit. That means I will be promoting sites to be bought and sold on an on-going basis. We will be requesting websites that people want to sell to us as well. If you want to make money using this unique wealth creation model, you’re at the right place.

Websites Wanted

I will be asking our clients what websites they want to buy. As part of their portfolio creation strategy, they are going to need to BUY WEBSITES. I will use this blog to advertise what we’re looking for.

Websites For Sale

I will also be advertising websites that are for sale BEFORE they go into PUBLIC AUCTIONS. That gives you an advantage over the general public. Of course our Members will have first dibs, but that’s to be expected – they have PAID for that privilege.

Nonetheless, if they don’t want a site (because it does not fit into their portfolio), I will pre-launch it here so you can research it BEFORE it goes to a PUBLIC AUCTION. We won’t be transacting the sales on this blog – other sites can do that much more effectively than we can.

Our members know what those auction sites are and we’ll let you know where the site is listed ONCE we’ve launched it.

To be clear, when a website is for sale:

  1. We will let our Virtual Real Estate Agents and Investors know FIRST
  2. We will then let YOU know as our blog subscribers. Often, there will be a LIMITED ADVANCE NOTICE so you want to be subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss out on any announcements. I won’t be sending ANY broadcasts e-mails about this.
  3. THEN we will post the site on a public auction site.

Make $100/hour Flipping Websites

We are going to be paying our Virtual Real Estate Agents $100/hour CASH to Flip Websites. If you want to get in on this Cash Creation Opportunity – you know what to do -> Contact us to become a Virtual Real Estate Agent.

Licenses are currently limited to 10 Agents and 2 positions are already taken. Don’t wait if you want to start making $100/hour CASH Flipping Websites For Profit!

The reason we can do this is because the sites you will be flipping have already been bought by one of our Virtual Real Estate Investors!

Flipping Websites For Profit Is Not Just About Flipping…

The Flipping Websites For Profit System is also about creating a Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolio which means buying and holding properties that have an on-going passive income stream coming in…

So we’re not just looking for sites to be bought ‘renovated’ and flipped…

Isn’t this exciting and interesting?

Stay tuned for more…!

I Just Bought Another Website This Weekend!

As you know from my previous post, I am staging the first of two Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries in Melbourne next week and then Sydney the week after. The concept is called Flipping Websites For Profit which you can read about on this website.

Sam Kritsotakis of Eskae Jewelers sent me a posting of a site that was being sold on one of the marketplaces we monitor to find sites to flip… I did the necessary due diligence, paid the BIN Price and will have the website up within the next week.

At the Investor Briefing, I will explain EXACTLY how this creates wealth since there are only 2 ways to create wealth.

Two Ways To Create Wealth

  1. Create Cash (Income)
  2. Create Capital Gains (Value that someone wants to pay for/buy)

This new site I just bought for $600 will provide BOTH, but with a twist I will share with Investor Briefing attendees that will have their profit glands salivating!

Don’t worry, I’ll spill the beans in a few weeks on this blog- but I need to give our new Virtual Real Estate Agents and Investors a head start… Membership in the Flipping Websites For Profit System has its privileges.

Today’s blog post has two purposes:

  1. To remind you that the Investor Briefing is taking place in Melbourne and Sydney. If you are located elsewhere – you should consider flying in and combining it with other business, shopping or sightseeing… The Investor Briefing could end up paying for your whole trip. I am going to reveal how we are going to pay people $100/hour Flipping Websites For Profit. YES… $100 CASH PER HOUR.
  2. To let you know this is a REAL Wealth Creation Opportunity that I am using myself as I lead a select group of clients who are doing the same, on an on-going basis. Creating a portfolio of sites that produce a Passive Income stream that requires little or no effort.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on Flipping Websites For Profit – we will be mentioning sites that we are buying and selling as well as revealing SOME of the strategies we use to create FREE traffic to our sites.