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Content Is ALL About The Adwords

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In a previous post about unique content, it might not be obvious to you since, as a reader of this blog you may not have attended our Flipping Websites For Profit events, that the content that a website flipper creates for sites that are to be flipped – we call these Krappy and Kool Sites is about writing content that will attract Google AdSense Ads next to the content so people will click on the ADS.

Yeah I know.

Some people think it’s about the actual content, trying to create the next Pulitzer Prize winning article…

Of course the BETTER the article, the BETTER the stickiness – people will bookmark the page, refer others to it, spend MORE time reading it which the search engines track, etc.

But this particular strategy FOR Krappy and Kool sites is all about the Google AdSense revenue- making sure the RIGHT keywords are used IN THE CONTENT to attract more people to click on RELEVANT and VALUABLE ADS.

So there you have it – another reason to consider joining our Flipping Websites For Profit Program!

Learn to do what works rather than trying to do what you think makes sense.