NEWS FLASH: Become A Virtual Real Estate Speculator

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As a subscriber to this blog, you get privileged access to information… I told you that I would let you know first whenever something NEW and EXCITING was happening – well guess what? It’s happening. We’re launching a new category of participant – we call a Virtual Real Estate Speculator. I am going to explain the details of this new program addition at an upcoming Wealth Wihout Worries event in Sydney.

Limited to 12 participants, the Investor Briefing will be the official launch of a new provision for ‘silent investors’ to partake in the buying and selling of websites WITHOUT having to get involved in the actual flipping of the sites… Stay tuned for more details, but you’ll want to set aside the date this is a one-time-only session in Sydney, Thursday 22 July from 6 to 9 PM.

Admission is $97 and strictly limited to a MAXIMUM of 12 people – the boardroom only accommodates 12.

You heard it here first!


Let me give you an example:

We have a client who wants to buy a $700 site this week – he doesn’t have the cash to buy it. We have VRE Agents who can flip it – that means increase the content and traffic of the site while he also contributes value to the site. In 6 months, this site will be worth well over $2,000… that he will be in a position to buy, in fact when the site is purchased, the SELL price will be pre-set.

That is a +/-300% gain in about 6 months. Ka-Ching!

By the way – if you want to HEAR more about this, tune into Sydney’s 2RRR Money Talks Radio Show on FM 88.5 hosted by David Haseldine on Wednesday morning from 8 to 9 AM. I will be discussing this as well as other wealth creation ideas. The podcast will be available online on

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  • This sounds like something I’d like to do but it seems I missed out by about 7 months. Any chance you’ll do something like this in the future? I’ve looked around the web for info on flipping websites but nothing looks as comprehensive as what you offer.

  • I am so glad you are limiting space within the classrooms. I hate attending events like this that end up being so cramped that I can’t breathe or get personalized attention. I hope you do another event soon so that I can attend and meet you in person.

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