Flipping Websites Explained

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A buddy of mine asked me recently why I’m so excited about flipping websites?

Here’s what I told him:

“I’m sure it comes as no shock to you that the Internet is still relativity new. When you compare it to every other advertising and entertainment medium the Internet is still in its infancy. Which explains why most people don’t have a clue how to get the most out of the Internet as a business building, marketing tool. Even the ‘experts’ are still learning. And almost every website you look at is missing opportunities to make money.”

“That’s where flipping websites for profit comes in. It’s like looking at a house with poorly landscaped gardens, a worn out kitchen and shabby walls with peeling paint — these websites and blogs can be improved, renovated and made ‘better’. The ‘renovation’ doesn’t have to be hard. It might be as simple as …”

  • adding a banner with a link to an affiliate product…
  • or offering advertising space to people who want to leverage the site’s traffic…
  • or adding Google Adsense…
  • or integrating an opt-in strategy to build a mailing list…

… the list goes on.

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“Any one of these ‘renovations’ can add substantial value to the website. People are willing to pay good money for websites with these small improvements. Combining these elements can add substantial profit and cash flow for you if you do it right. As a web renovator flipping websites for profit, you don’t have to use all the marketing tricks. Just use enough to increase the website value then sell it to the highest bidder.”

“Of course, you can always keep the website if you want to. I mean, why sell it if it requires little ongoing maintenance and you can add it to your growing portfolio of income generating websites?

“Is it easy? It can be. Just like any serious home renovator will tell you, the more websites you flip, the easier it gets. After your first 3 or 4 it’s simply a matter of following a paint-by-numbers system.”

So anyway, that’s roughly what I told the buddy of mine. And it’s the same advice I’m giving you.

If you’re serious about making money on the Internet, then you need to seriously look at the HUGE opportunity in flipping websites.

That’s all for now.

3 Responses to “Flipping Websites Explained”

  • The internet is such an under-utilized money making tool in my opinion. I think this is a great way to make some extra bucks doing something fun and fairly easy. Good explanation to a good question.

  • Actually, I found out recently that this is even easier than I thought. Maybe even easier than explained in the article. I was talking to a guy at the fish and chip shop ( i didn’t ask his name but he recently sold a small, struggling service business). One of his competitors bought his shrinking client list but didn’t understand the value of the guys website so it wasn’t included in the sale. But another competitor DID understand the value of the website (it was on the first 3 pages of Google for two long tail keywords and on the second page for a major key phrase in the local area. Anyway, this other guy bought the website for a grand. The guy at the fish shop was laughing about it because a mate of his built it for under $500 and it only took him a day or two to build.

    I guess the lesson for me is to look for websites in niches that are easy to compete in. Maybe even flip some local market type websites. I don’t know. I’m still learning this stuff. Just thought I’d share my experience with you, Marc and gang.

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the insight – Here’s the thing most people don’t know about flipping websites – often it’s not about selling them, but keeping them to generate LEADS. If a competitor goes bust and you can buy the website, you can start to get their LEADS coming to you… That’s better than free advertising because these are QUALIFIED LEADS who want what you have (since you’re a competitor)…

      That is one of the many twists in this model that makes it – exponential. Of course you can do the same with ONLINE traffic – selling digital products as well, but that’s a discussion for another day!

      Onward and upward!

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