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Don’t flip sites on eBay

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Unfortunately, I can’t get into program-specific details, but today I wanted to mention that if you’re interested in flipping websites for profit, the last place you want to buy and sell sites is on eBay.

I raise this point because I get a lot of emails from people asking me about buying or selling websites on ebay. They ask me if I think it’s a good idea. My answer is almost always the same: “Avoid it like the plague.”

When you become a licensed Virtual Real Estate Agent, we’ll teach you all about the importance of due diligence to avoid scams, frauds and buying duds.

For today, I just wanted to make the point that you want to do what WORKS… Not what seems easy.

Fraudsters – like muggers know how to stalk their prey.

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Don’t get me wrong, eBay is GREAT for THOUSANDS of products.

Just not websites.

Want to know why? Become a certified, registered Virtual Real Estate Agent and I’ll explain everything in detail. For example…

  • We’ll reveal the top 10 legitimate sites to buy and sell websites. Unlike ebay, these 10 websites have a strict criteria for posting a website for sale. They even include a wide variety of due diligence tools so you can assess profit potential, risk, honesty of the buyer or seller and so on.
  • How to buy at the lowest price. Just like buying property in the real world, you want to buy your virtual real estate at the lowest price possible. Most website flippers don’t know how to do this. They think the only way to buy and sell websites is in the public market. But in the public market you rarely get the lowest price.
  • How to sell them for the top price. I’m not greedy. But when I spend my time and effort improving a website, I expect one of two results. Either I want it to generate a new ongoing stream of targeted traffic and income I can keep, or, I want to turn around and sell it for top dollar. You don’t get either result buying or selling on ebay.
  • How to spot arbitrage opportunities no one else will see. In any market the victory goes to the person with the most creative options and the most knowledge. It’s no different when buying and selling websites. Knowing how to spot arbitrage opportunities gives you more options and makes it easier to succeed.

Bottom line: Don’t flip websites on ebay. There are far better ways to flip websites for profit.

If you’re ready to get started then I suggest you look at our entry level program that shows you simple tips for buying, improving and start selling websites for profit.

Or if you already know the basics, why not step up and become a fully accredited Virtual Real Estate Agent?

Flipping Websites For Profit Event In Sydney Sept 29th

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The last Virtual Real Estate event of the year in Sydney is coming up on 29 September… It’s called Wealth Without Worries and will include a LIVE AUCTION of sites. Don’t miss out on this last chance this calendar year to become a Virtual Real Estate Agent, Investor, Speculator, Empire Building or Mogul!

Attention Virtual Real Estate Agents – We’ll Pay You To Find Websites!

Yes, that’s right – we’ll pay you to seek out and find websites. We have Virtual Real Estate (VRE) Investors, Empire Builders, Moguls and a NEW category – Speculators who want to buy and sell websites within the Flipping Websites For Profit (FWP) Program. If you are a FWP Member, respond with a comment to this e-mail and I will send you the details. Sorry – this offer is not available to the public since we need SKILLED and CERTIFIED VRE Agents to do this.

Commissions will be paid on the conclusion of each transaction.

That means ANOTHER source of income for you as you surf the Internet looking for the Krappy, Kool and Kash Kow sites… Ka-Ching!

If you are not a certified VRE Agent, Investor, Empire Builder, Mogul or Speculator – check out the opportunies at

We are looking for all 3 types of websites… For a variety of members.

We Want To Buy Websites!

Keep an eye out on this blog – subscribe to it – so that if you have a website to sell, we’re looking to buy. Post a comment on this blog and our due diligence team will get back to you with the process we use to vet out all Virtual Real Estate Properties we purchase.

Websites For Sale!

Guess what? Website Flippers are at it and there will be a few websites announced here for sale in the next few days/weeks. The sellers are just putting the finishing touches on the sale description documentation to ensure the highest price is achieved at auction. Of course Flipping Websites For Profit Members will be advised of this FIRST, then if the site is not sold to them, you as a BLOG SUBSCRIBER/READER will get seconds dibs and then if not sold, it will be publicly listed on a website auction site.

Stay tuned!

This is when the fun starts – when sites are actually SOLD for a profit!

This Blog Is All About Making Money Flipping Websites For Profit

Just in case you are a subscriber to my other blogs which are content/value oriented – this one’s DIFFERENT. This one’s all about making money Flipping Websites For Profit. That means I will be promoting sites to be bought and sold on an on-going basis. We will be requesting websites that people want to sell to us as well. If you want to make money using this unique wealth creation model, you’re at the right place.

Websites Wanted

I will be asking our clients what websites they want to buy. As part of their portfolio creation strategy, they are going to need to BUY WEBSITES. I will use this blog to advertise what we’re looking for.

Websites For Sale

I will also be advertising websites that are for sale BEFORE they go into PUBLIC AUCTIONS. That gives you an advantage over the general public. Of course our Members will have first dibs, but that’s to be expected – they have PAID for that privilege.

Nonetheless, if they don’t want a site (because it does not fit into their portfolio), I will pre-launch it here so you can research it BEFORE it goes to a PUBLIC AUCTION. We won’t be transacting the sales on this blog – other sites can do that much more effectively than we can.

Our members know what those auction sites are and we’ll let you know where the site is listed ONCE we’ve launched it.

To be clear, when a website is for sale:

  1. We will let our Virtual Real Estate Agents and Investors know FIRST
  2. We will then let YOU know as our blog subscribers. Often, there will be a LIMITED ADVANCE NOTICE so you want to be subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss out on any announcements. I won’t be sending ANY broadcasts e-mails about this.
  3. THEN we will post the site on a public auction site.

Make $100/hour Flipping Websites

We are going to be paying our Virtual Real Estate Agents $100/hour CASH to Flip Websites. If you want to get in on this Cash Creation Opportunity – you know what to do -> Contact us to become a Virtual Real Estate Agent.

Licenses are currently limited to 10 Agents and 2 positions are already taken. Don’t wait if you want to start making $100/hour CASH Flipping Websites For Profit!

The reason we can do this is because the sites you will be flipping have already been bought by one of our Virtual Real Estate Investors!

Flipping Websites For Profit Is Not Just About Flipping…

The Flipping Websites For Profit System is also about creating a Passive Profit Powerhouse Portfolio which means buying and holding properties that have an on-going passive income stream coming in…

So we’re not just looking for sites to be bought ‘renovated’ and flipped…

Isn’t this exciting and interesting?

Stay tuned for more…!

Investor Briefing: Learn To Flip Websites For Profit

Within the next 2 weeks, we’ll be staging 2 Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries that explain our brand new Flipping Websites For Profit Program. As you may know, it completely SOLD OUT last year and that was when the stock and property markets doing doing fine. Now with both those wealth creation opportunities in turmoil, this wealth creation opportunity is hotter than ever!

Why you need to ATTEND this Investor Briefing and why we are NOT planning to do another Investor Briefing like this anytime soon:

  1. This is a restricted Wealth Creation Opportunity. We cannot and will not offer this to more than 25 people. We’ll explain at the Investor Briefing that we want our clients to get in on the ground floor and AVOID creating a fictitious pricing ‘bubble’ with too many other participants when they get started.
  2. The information we will be sharing at the Investor Briefing and then subsequently WITHIN the Flipping Websites For Profit Program will be exclusive and closely guarded – much like we do within our $49,995/year Platinum Program. Unless you are a Flipping Websites For Profit Program Member – you can’t access the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks we teach that make ALL the difference to giving you ECONOMIES OF SCALE that produce faster returns with a lot less up-front effort. Producing results that baffle ‘outsiders’ who have no clue how you did it.
  3. We already have a handful of people who have put up their hands to participate in the program. With limited ‘inventory’ once it’s gone, it’s gone. Last year we completely sold out. This year’s going to be even more rewarding BECAUSE the stock and property markets are in turmoil. Continue reading ‘Investor Briefing: Learn To Flip Websites For Profit’