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Flip Websites buy and hold model explained

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Should you flip websites for a quick profit or buy and hold for long-term wealth?

This is the question you need to ask as your portfolio grows.

The video below shows you how to create wealth with a portfolio of websites that go from making $1 a day to $36,000 a year and beyond.

If you’re flipping websites for profit you need to watch this video to see what’s really possible.

Leave your comments, reactions, thoughts in the comment section below the video.

Don’t flip sites on eBay

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Unfortunately, I can’t get into program-specific details, but today I wanted to mention that if you’re interested in flipping websites for profit, the last place you want to buy and sell sites is on eBay.

I raise this point because I get a lot of emails from people asking me about buying or selling websites on ebay. They ask me if I think it’s a good idea. My answer is almost always the same: “Avoid it like the plague.”

When you become a licensed Virtual Real Estate Agent, we’ll teach you all about the importance of due diligence to avoid scams, frauds and buying duds.

For today, I just wanted to make the point that you want to do what WORKS… Not what seems easy.

Fraudsters – like muggers know how to stalk their prey.

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Don’t get me wrong, eBay is GREAT for THOUSANDS of products.

Just not websites.

Want to know why? Become a certified, registered Virtual Real Estate Agent and I’ll explain everything in detail. For example…

  • We’ll reveal the top 10 legitimate sites to buy and sell websites. Unlike ebay, these 10 websites have a strict criteria for posting a website for sale. They even include a wide variety of due diligence tools so you can assess profit potential, risk, honesty of the buyer or seller and so on.
  • How to buy at the lowest price. Just like buying property in the real world, you want to buy your virtual real estate at the lowest price possible. Most website flippers don’t know how to do this. They think the only way to buy and sell websites is in the public market. But in the public market you rarely get the lowest price.
  • How to sell them for the top price. I’m not greedy. But when I spend my time and effort improving a website, I expect one of two results. Either I want it to generate a new ongoing stream of targeted traffic and income I can keep, or, I want to turn around and sell it for top dollar. You don’t get either result buying or selling on ebay.
  • How to spot arbitrage opportunities no one else will see. In any market the victory goes to the person with the most creative options and the most knowledge. It’s no different when buying and selling websites. Knowing how to spot arbitrage opportunities gives you more options and makes it easier to succeed.

Bottom line: Don’t flip websites on ebay. There are far better ways to flip websites for profit.

If you’re ready to get started then I suggest you look at our entry level program that shows you simple tips for buying, improving and start selling websites for profit.

Or if you already know the basics, why not step up and become a fully accredited Virtual Real Estate Agent?

Why Buy Old Websites?

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to buy old websites. For example…

Old websites are usually indexed in Google and other search engines.

Google Index works like old library cards, just a bit faster!

Websites that are indexed in search engines get more traffic because they have more keywords that are referenced over a longer period of time. As a rule of thumb, the older the site, the more it’s worth BECAUSE of that longevity.

Search engines like information that’s been around and of course if a lot of people have gone to the page, that’s even better!

Older sites will be worth more when you are ready to sell them – especially when you install Google Analytics that shows the consistent organic traffic coming in with no effort whatsoever.

As we know from our old school days when we used index cards, the process takes time to create – the same is true with the Internet’s search engines. The QUALITY and PRECISION of the indexes improve with time – better information, more traffic and improved sorting algorithms.

Old websites often have a number of other sites linking in (called back links or inbound links).

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How To Flip Websites MindMap

This blog has been a little quiet lately, but it’s going to start picking some some serious momentum soon…

In light of that happening, I thought I would share this YouTube video created by Paul Telling, a professional graphic artist who does a lot of corporate work for us and is the co-creator of one of our most creative programs – How To MindMap To Get Better Grades. We’re all students, it’s just that some of us are in classrooms and others are in boardrooms!

How To Flip Websites MindMap

Virtual Real Estate Model – A Simple Example

At my Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries, I explain in detail how the concept of Virtual Real Estate makes Flipping Websites For Profit a no-brainer strategy for anyone looking to create ‘set and forget’ passive income streams. That being said, there is nothing better than a simple example to illustrate the strategy in action.

Step #1: Find a site that can sell product

I have a site that sells a student study system called “Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort“. It is the #1 Study Book on ClickBank which proves its value AND that it can sell product!

Step #2: Create a site that can refer sales to the site that can sell product

Here is a site dedicated to Speed Learning Tips. Its sole purpose is to create hard links to the study system site and refer clients with click-throughs from the banner ads.

Step #3: Get Your Affiliate Commission Cheque From ClickBank

Within the first month, 15 click throughs created one sale – that’s the first step in creating an online Virtual Real Estate Empire…

Confused about how this is a no-brainer strategy?

You need to attend one of my Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries. It takes me 3 hours to explain in detail how the concept of Virtual Real Estate makes Flipping Websites For Profit a no-brainer strategy for anyone looking to create ‘set and forget’ passive income streams.Especially the part where we all get excited about making $1/day from our websites…

$1/day means $30/month = $365/year with 40 sites, that’s just over $10,000/year. Add to that ONE or two ebooks/month/site and what do you get?

$20,000 to $30,000/year of “SET AND FORGET” PASSIVE INCOME.

But there’s a catch – you need to do it systematically and properly, which is what we teach in our Flipping Websites For Profit Program.

We don’t approach Virtual Real Estate like everyone else – in fact we’re the ONLY ones to do it this way, which is why our results are well… EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Come to one of my Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries and I will reveal how you can leverage this model to create on-going passive income and become the next Virtual Real Estate Mogul!

The 30 Sites To Be Flipped Are Being Transferred

We are currently receiving a few dozen sites that we have purchased in bulk so you will soon have enough sites to flip.The seller is transferring the sites, but is having issues with her domain registar. We highly recommend that you have all your sites registered with GoDaddy.

Once you have flipped one site successfully, we will permit you to flip up to 3 sites at a time – as long as those 3 are flipped within a 2-week time frame. If there is abuse of this rule, we will revert back to 1 at a time. Please bookmark the portal and keep an eye on this blog for updates.  Please make sure all requests for support are directed to Shivam technologies via the Member Portal not to Exponential Programs.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Content Is ALL About The Adwords

In a previous post about unique content, it might not be obvious to you since, as a reader of this blog you may not have attended our Flipping Websites For Profit events, that the content that a website flipper creates for sites that are to be flipped – we call these Krappy and Kool Sites is about writing content that will attract Google AdSense Ads next to the content so people will click on the ADS.

Yeah I know.

Some people think it’s about the actual content, trying to create the next Pulitzer Prize winning article…

Of course the BETTER the article, the BETTER the stickiness – people will bookmark the page, refer others to it, spend MORE time reading it which the search engines track, etc.

But this particular strategy FOR Krappy and Kool sites is all about the Google AdSense revenue- making sure the RIGHT keywords are used IN THE CONTENT to attract more people to click on RELEVANT and VALUABLE ADS.

So there you have it – another reason to consider joining our Flipping Websites For Profit Program!

Learn to do what works rather than trying to do what you think makes sense.

Unique Content is KEY to Flipping Websites For Profit

When you flip websites for profit, you’re renovating what we call a Krappy site and transforming it into what we call a Kool site. For that to happen, several things must be done. The MOST IMPORTANT being creating new, original and unique content. This is imperative because the search engines SEARCH for unique, original content.

When they come across DUPLICATE content (don’t ask me how they know, just trust me THEY KNOW), they skip it altogether. That means your site will not come up in the search listings. Your organic traffic that comes from people typing in the keywords that will get them to your site will not happen. NO ONE WILL COME TO YOUR SITE.

Trying to cheat creating unique content

Continue reading ‘Unique Content is KEY to Flipping Websites For Profit’

Investor Briefing: Learn To Flip Websites For Profit

Within the next 2 weeks, we’ll be staging 2 Investor Briefings called Wealth Without Worries that explain our brand new Flipping Websites For Profit Program. As you may know, it completely SOLD OUT last year and that was when the stock and property markets doing doing fine. Now with both those wealth creation opportunities in turmoil, this wealth creation opportunity is hotter than ever!

Why you need to ATTEND this Investor Briefing and why we are NOT planning to do another Investor Briefing like this anytime soon:

  1. This is a restricted Wealth Creation Opportunity. We cannot and will not offer this to more than 25 people. We’ll explain at the Investor Briefing that we want our clients to get in on the ground floor and AVOID creating a fictitious pricing ‘bubble’ with too many other participants when they get started.
  2. The information we will be sharing at the Investor Briefing and then subsequently WITHIN the Flipping Websites For Profit Program will be exclusive and closely guarded – much like we do within our $49,995/year Platinum Program. Unless you are a Flipping Websites For Profit Program Member – you can’t access the strategies, techniques, tips and tricks we teach that make ALL the difference to giving you ECONOMIES OF SCALE that produce faster returns with a lot less up-front effort. Producing results that baffle ‘outsiders’ who have no clue how you did it.
  3. We already have a handful of people who have put up their hands to participate in the program. With limited ‘inventory’ once it’s gone, it’s gone. Last year we completely sold out. This year’s going to be even more rewarding BECAUSE the stock and property markets are in turmoil. Continue reading ‘Investor Briefing: Learn To Flip Websites For Profit’