How To Make Money In A Recession

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Motivational Guru Anthony Robbins coined the expression “If you want better results, ask better questions!”

Simple enough, but WHAT questions should you be asking yourself in the middle of the worst recession in recent times? That’s what today’s blog post is all about. Asking and answering the questions of the super rich and ultra wealthy. As Tony also says – “Success leaves clues which is why you want to model the masters”.

Some of the questions the super rich and ultra successful as with respect to their wealth creation include:

  • How can I get a better than average return on my investments?
  • How can I leverage my cash to create either capital gains or on-going passive income?
  • How can leverage other people’s shortcomings to my advantage while still having a win-win philosophy?
  • How can I maintain control of my wealth?

These are all great questions that I will answer one by one, but first I need to tell you a short story that puts all of this into the proper perspective and context.

A few years ago, I attended an Internet Seminar with multiple speakers from Australia and The United States they were all promising attendees they would become the next ‘Internet Millionaires” with testimonials that would make a used car salesman blush. I thought most of the products and programs were total rubbish.

Except one – Virtual Real Estate – buying and selling websites on the Internet.

I stood at the back of the room with a friend of mine and asked him the KEY question “Do you think this could actually work?”

We listened to the presentation attentively and realised that the presenter was selling “smoke and mirrors”. There was no substance whatsoever to what he was pitching from the stage…

BUT… the concept had legs.

So I set out with my friend with a goal in mind- the generate on-going passive income of $100,000/year within 12 months – leveraging Virtual Real Estate principles.

Instead of following the prophet’s suggestions (which we thought we over-hyped and dramatised), we set out to build our Virtual Real Estate Empire click-by-click with a PORTFOLIO APPROACH. Instead of trying to make it big with ONE website, we figured we could spread the risk with multiple websites.

With 10 websites, we needed each one to make +/- $850/month to total $100,000 per year.

With 50 websites, we needed each website to make $160/month or $5/day…

Simple enough I thought.

A few months went by and I didn’t really do anything about it and my friend called me. He had bought his first Virtual Real Estate Website – WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME.

He paid $4,000 for a site that made $250/month. I was jealous, but happy for him – he had TAKEN ACTION.

He renovated the site click-by-click transforming it from what we now call a Kool Site Into a Kash Kow site, increasing revenues from $250 to $500/month within 3 months and then from $500 to more than $1,000/month within the following 3 months. All I can tell you now is that the site surpassed $4,000/month which is +/-$50,000/year.

I was sold. I went out and started buying and developing my own sites and used the very same strategies to take Krappy websites renovating them into Kool Websites and eventually Kash Kow Websites.

Systematically and repeatedly.

This was happening in the middle of the recession – when the property and stock markets took their worst plunge in recent history. During that time, the baseline value of Virtual Real Estate properties went up 20 to 30%!

My friend and I have developed Virtual Real Estate Portfolios that are worth close to $1 Million dollars if we decided to sell them today – but that’s not why we did it…

We both set out to produce an on-going passive income stream that was independent of our personal effort. These sites run on auto-pilot with about 10 hours/month of management and monitoring producing in excess of $100,000/year of income for each of us.

Say it with me… Ka-Ching!

So where does that leave us with the questions at the top of this blog post?

  • How can I get a better than average return on my investments?
    • The ONLY way to beat the index is to do something different. Something that YOU KNOW has multiples of upside with minimal downside risk. With Virtual Real Estate there is little or no risk – especially with Krappy sites that are purchased at bargain-basement prices, renovated and flipped for 100%, 200% even 500% capital gains. But don’t get too hyped up – we’re talking about sites that are bought for $100 to $500 so you’re not going to make millions flipping these sites. It’s ideal for CASH FLOW because you can buy, renovation and sell Krappy sites on a part-time basis without quitting your job or distracting you from your career or company – it’s extra money in the bank for that annual vacation…
  • How can I leverage my cash to create either capital gains or on-going passive income?
    • The beauty of the Virtual Real Estate model is that you can choose to cash in or build a truly passive income stream that with the Internet pays you 24/7. Even while you sleep. But, and there is always a but – you must know what to do to get this right. That’s what I’ve learned since that fateful day at the Internet seminar – there is hype and then there is good old fashioned SMART THINKING.
  • How can leverage other people’s shortcomings to my advantage while still having a win-win philosophy?
    • Virtual Real Estate is exactly like a run down house who owners can’t afford to landscape it, get it painted and the fixtures updated… Someone comes in, buys the place, invests $20,000 and ‘flips’ it for a $50,000 and sometimes $100,000 profit. The same thing happens on the Internet, except it’s hundreds of dollars not hundreds of thousands of dollars. That means just about anyone can get in on this wealth creation opportunity.
  • How can I maintain control of my wealth?
    • When you invest in stocks or property, you relinquish control of what happens to the investment. With Virtual Real Estate, you control every facet of value creation. That means the more you want to contribute, the more you make. Virtual Real Estate investing is the only RESULTS-BASED investment available other than owning your own business. The BIG difference is that with Virtual Real Estate you have NO EMPLOYEES. You can work anywhere, any time you want. Totally physical freedom.

This concept of owning Virtual Real Estate is NOT for everyone anymore than abundant wealth is for everyone. Only a select few reach financial independence and abundance…

The few who can see the world as a wealth of opportunities to be leveraged and monetised.

Monetisation is the KEY component that eludes most people trying to make a go of it on the Internet.

As the saying goes “The Internet is the easiest thing that’s hard to do.”

Virtual Real Estate Investment is easy enough for just about anyone to be able to do it – it’s hard because unless you KNOW what to do, it just won’t work.

Let me take you back to that Internet Seminar I attended…

The hype, smoke and mirrors used made KISS look like a local neighbourhood garage band

I uncovered the fundamentals of buying and selling websites and systemised it so anyone can make it work.

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That being said, the #1 impediment is explaining in detail why this actually works…

That takes 3 hours. Most people won’t make the investment to determine if this is for them – that means they never even have a chance to consider this opportunity.

Rich people inform themselves and attend sessions like this because they know it’s where they can get the edge that other people simply won’t consider.

Rich people know they have to keep looking for the BEST investment opportunities because the landscape keeps changing

Rich people are jumping into this wealth creation opportunity because they KNOW that it’s something they can COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY control themselves.

Creating a Protected Passive Profit Portfolio is where the SMART money’s going.

Attend this 3-hour Investor Briefing to determine if it’s for you – especially if you have any doubts…

Poor people let their doubts dominate their decisions.
Rich people investigate their options BEFORE making a decision.

At the Investor Briefing, I will explain:

  • Why Flipping Websites is legitimate, legal and profitable. Someone e-mailed me to tell me ‘flipping was illegal’ as if we were flipping houses and units – I mean c’mon – read the copy mate, we’re flipping websites….. W-E-B-S-I-T-E-S…
  • Why Flipping Websites is NOT a pyramid scheme. Many of the sites you buy to flip, you will actually KEEP for the on-going passive income stream. The ones you do flip, you’ll flip BECAUSE you created value for the NEXT person to take it to the next level. There is an OPEN MARKET to do this which is exactly what I will explain at the Investor Briefing. You are NOT selling this to a ‘downline’ of friends and family. That’s called Multi-Level-Marketing and that’s just too much effort and NOT a wealth creation strategy – that’s a low-paying job. Rich people don’t want jobs – they want PASSIVE income.
  • Why Flipping Websites is NOT ‘too good to be true’. Rich people seek out the best strategies and have been doing this for YEARS. In Internet Marketing circles, it’s well documented with MILLIONS of results for the various terms you can search on Flipping Websites and/or Virtual Real Estate. THIS IS NOT NEW – What is NEW is how we, within our program, create ECONOMIES OF SCALE to help you as an independent investor to get the benefits => to lower your costs and get faster returns. Once again, this takes time to explain which is why the Investor Briefing is 3 hours long. I want to make sure you understand what this is all about. BEFORE you make the decision this is for you.
  • Why Flipping Websites if NOT for everyone. It’s sad to say, but not everyone can or will become wealthy. The top of the pyramid is quite small for a reason. There are not many truly wealthy people. If you are filled with doubts – don’t come to the Investor Briefingthis is not for you. This and other wealth creation strategies are LIMITED to people who have open minds and know that their destiny rests in their own hands. They know that if they keep doing what everyone else is doing, they’ll get the same results they get which, by definition, is average and in this current recession means their savings will continue to go sideways for some time.
  • Flipping Websites has TWO components – the flipping itself can create a $100/hour income stream whereas the Investor approach is geared toward PASSIVE INCOME strategies that run by themselves – consider them like dividends you get from stocks on the ASX… The difference is that YOU CONTROL your revenue instead of leaving it up to ‘management to get it right’…
  • Why Flipping Websites is a great investment. Unlike investing in stocks and the property market, websites are something you can control, because you are always in the driver’s seat. As you can read in the disclaimer below – this is NOT a traditional investment that your Financial Advisor, Accountant or Broker would propose to you – anymore than they would suggest you start your own business. This is an out-of-the ordinary investment that produces extra-ordinary returns.
  • Why this program will sell out. It sold out last year when the stock market was doing fine. Now that both the property and stock markets are struggling and will continue to go sideways, innovative and SMART investors are looking elsewhere which is reflected in the limited number of positions left. There are only 5 out of 25 left, which is why we’re doing this in Sydney only – not even getting on a plane to Melbourne or Brisbane…

I’ve said this before, but I need to say it again. This is for SMART investors looking to regain control of their wealth who want to create a truly passive income stream. The high level of interest says it all – there are a lot of people out there who have realised that UNLESS they get cracking and DO SOMETHING – their savings are going to continue to suffer.

That’s really all I can tell you at this stage other than
if you discount this altogether, that’s OK.

I will explain, within the first 10 minutes of my

Investor Briefing presentation that it is EXACTLY THAT THINKING
that creates the PROFIT opportunity for people to Flip Websites.

Without THAT THINKING, the profits simply wouldn’t exist…!

Imagine that – LEVERAGING the mass’ predisposition to YOUR ADVANTAGE…

You can count on people’s cynicism, doubts, second-guessing and disbelief. In fact – in THIS particular economy YOU CAN BANK ON IT!

Watch this video that proves it at a LIVE EVENT…

This is exactly why this wealth creation model is going to be MASSIVELY profitable for the FEW who step in.

The FEW who understand human nature and windows of opportunity, the FEW who will inform themselves of what’s possible (attend the Investor Briefing) and then the FEW who will sign up and learn from the best – the FEW who make money on the Internet… the top 5% who make more than the other 95% COMBINED. Yeah, re-read this sentence over again and ask yourself if you want rewards like that. If you do, come to the Investor Briefing.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault
Exponential Growth Strategist

You can read the two disclaimers that make a point that is essential to this e-mail. This is NOT for everyone. The only question you need to ask yourself is “How will I get control of my finances, savings and super fund if I don’t do something like this?”

You don’t have to Flip Websites For Profit, but if not this…. What else is there?

Here is a summary video of what this is all about…

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  • I can’t believe all of this came from a sleazy sales pitch you attended. Way to take an idea and run with it. This tendency for pro-activity is surely what has made you so successful. People are taking notice, and that is great news for you and for them. Onward and upward- we’ll see you there!

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